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Q-PLUS is a leading precision dimensional measurement laboratory that, since 1987, has provided a one-stop, under-one-roof solution to all of your precision measurement, inspection, engineering, quality assurance related, and metrology equipment needs. Q-PLUS Labs is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited. Additionally, we are proud to have earned the numerous formal customer approvals that we actively maintain. Q-PLUS is also a long-time member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). All measurements performed are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). Q-PLUS exists to meet the quality needs and challenges related to the manufacturing and perfection of your product.

Q-PLUS thinks outside the box on behalf of the customer. Being mindful of our customers needs, we are always thinking several moves ahead with regard to your product's manufacturing process. We take our job very seriously. In this business, we've got to do our job right, no exceptions. What that means is that Q-PLUS will not cut corners. Shortcuts are a preface to problems. While we are always mindful of the importance of cost-effectiveness, we've built our reputation as being the most "valuable" in the industry.

Q-PLUS tackles projects fearlessly and with total confidence. As perfectionists with decades of experience and education to our credit, we intimately understand our role in the overall process. Paramount to doing the job right is understanding the myriad manufacturing methods employed today, proper interpretation of engineering drawings and requirements, and the metrology equipment used to measure. We understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technology and feel it is our responsibility to do so.

Q-PLUS is Your Total Quality Solution. Are you facing these common challenges?

Challenge: Unequipped to handle demanding requirements?

Solution: We use the latest technology available!

Challenge: Lacking the personnel to do the job correctly and fast?

Solution: Consider Q-PLUS an extension of your own company!

Challenge: Questioning the cost effectiveness of using an outside vendor?

Solution: You'll find our prices refreshingly fair and competitive.

Whatever measurement, inspection, engineering, or quality-related challenges you are facing, we have the solutions. 


Q-PLUS was founded in 1987 by a veteran metrologist and quality manager with over 25 years of industry-specific experience and formally educated in the field. Since then, Q-PLUS has been committed to serving customers across the nation and around the world by offering the finest in inspection, measurement, and engineering technologies, principles, and applications as well as attentive and responsive customer service. We provide solutions to a wide array of small and large companies alike for such industries as Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Commercial and Medical.


Q-PLUS Labs is ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited. Additionally, we are proud to have earned the numerous formal customer approvals that we actively maintain. Q-PLUS is also a long-time member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Additionally our Quality Program meets the Nuclear Industry requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1, and ANSI/NCSL Z540.1-1994. Q-PLUS Labs accepts 10CFR21.

Further, Q-PLUS Labs is ITAR registered with the U.S. Department of State. 


Only customer images and information that are explicitly approved by the customer and/or comply with nondisclosure requirements or are already available in the public domain are used on our website. Customer trust is essential and extremely important to us. We will never disclose proprietary, confidential, classified, or otherwise protected information or images.

 Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Q-PLUS is located at 13765 Alton Parkway, Unit E, Irvine, California in the heart of the larger Irvine Spectrum business park, part of what has become known as the Tech Coast. Our expansive facility is amply equipped and staffed to support the broad range of services we offer and products we sell. Our sealed laboratory is isolated from the rest of our facilities and fully environmentally controlled via dedicated control systems. Much of our customer's work is proprietary in nature. Accordingly, all associated confidentiality requirements are strictly adhered to. The security of our customers' interests is given the very highest priority.


Our laboratory employs a vast spectrum of available and proprietary technologies including numerous manual and automatic CMMs, many with multi-sensor capabilities, and high-resolution mass scanning. Sensoring includes many contact and non-contact methods including variable pressure touch-trigger and continuous contact probes, vision with advanced edge detection and articulated lighting, laser, white-light fringe pattern, ultrasonic, hall-effect, and variable reluctance transducer. We can measure with resolutions below .000001 of an inch, lengths over 30 feet long, parts weighing over 1 ton, data collection at rates in the thousands of points per second, on materials ranging from paper to manmade sapphire.


Processes and Materials

Q-PLUS Labs: Processes & Materials

 Below are just some of the manufacturing processes and materials we work with:

Machining Injection Molding Investment Casting Sheet Metal Fabrication
Grinding Blow Molding Die Casting Stamping
Welding Roto Molding Sand Casting Forming
Brazing Sintered Metal Forging Extrusion
EDM Glass Wood & Paper Vapor Deposition
Broaching Hobbing Shaping Tube Bending
Chem Milling Photo-Etching Ceramics Springs
Carbon Fiber Coining Knurling Rapid Prototyping
Spinning Honeycomb Vacuum Formed Laser Cutting



Q-PLUS Labs: Applications

Some of our customers' many fascinating applications and products:

Race Cars Jet Engines Drug Delivery Systems Hydraulics
Turbochargers Surgical Equipment Power Systems Computers
Prosthetics Orthodontics Sports Equipment Weapon Systems
Jet Fighters UAV's Analytical Instruments Vehicle Armor
Tanks Firearms Commercial Aircraft Nuclear Reactors
Smoke Alarms Helicopters Smart Bombs Musical Instruments
Submarines Cell Phones Computer Animation Exercise Equipment
Golf Clubs Motorcycles Laser Printers Space Exploration
Satellites Internet Genomics Forensics
Pacemakers Biothreat Detectors Aviation Safety Fuel Cells


Industries Served

Q-PLUS Labs: Industries Served

Aerospace Medical Defense Automotive
Nuclear Energy Heavy Equipment Pharmaceutical Commercial
Agriculture Telecommunication Biotechnology Environmental
Shipbuilding Sporting Goods Food Processing Furniture
Scientific Education Entertainment Dental
Office Equipment Household Products Printing Apparel
Electronics Jewelry Railroads Personal Care
Semiconductors Motorsports Arts & Entertainment Power Generation

Recent News

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Q-PLUS Labs!

December 2016: Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year. Click here to view our holiday greeting from the dedicated staff at Q-PLUS Labs!

Q-PLUS Labs approved for DPD by GKN

November 2016: GKN issues Q-PLUS Labs approval for Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition (DPD) at BOEING Suppliers which outlines uniform specifications for supplier control of digital product definition data and software. Since GKN is one of Boeing's key suppliers, this approval is highly authentic and further supports that Q-PLUS is ready for Boeing supplier dimensional inspections requiring the use of DPD. This approved status is an honor and helps further assure our customers that Q-PLUS Labs maintains the highest levels of competence for model based inspections.

Join Q-PLUS Labs at the 2016 Design-2-Part Show!

October 2016: You're invited to Design-2-Part, the largest Design & Contract Manufacturing show in Southern California! The show features more than 300 manufacturing and service categories for the metals, plastics, rubber, and electronics industries. Visit Q-PLUS Labs in the Long Beach Convention Center at Booth #358 - Oct. 26 & 27. Click here for Free Registration.

GKN Approval