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Zeiss Industrial Metrology specializes in high accuracy measurement systems, including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), computed tomography measurement machines (non-medical), optical measuring equipment, metrology software and measurement sensor systems. Measuring solutions from Carl Zeiss are used to make various components from micro and macro parts, up to large ship engines and wind turbines more robust, safer and more energy efficient. Industrial measuring technology from Carl Zeiss ensures maximum standards of quality wherever high precision is a must.

O-Inspect 322 Multisensor CMM Download

O-Inspect 442 Multisensor CMM Download

SURFCOM and CONTOURECORD Surface and Contour  Download

Surfcom and Contourecord

HANDYSURF Mobile Surface Measurement  Download

Zeiss Accura

SURFCOM 130 Mobile Surface Measurement  Download

Zeiss SURFCOM 130

SURFCOM FLEX Mobile Surface Measurement  Download

Zeiss Surfcom Flex

SURFCOM 5000 Surface and Contour  Download

Zeiss 5000

SURFCOM C5 Surface and Contour  Download

Zeiss Surfcom C5

RONDCOM 41/31 Form Testers  Download

Zeiss Rondcom 41/31

RONDCOM 54/44 Form Testers  Download

Zeiss Rondcom 54/44

RONDCOM 55/47 Form Testers  Download Zeiss Rondcom-55-47
RONDCOM 60/60AS Form Testers  DownloadZeiss Rondcom 60/60AS
RONDCOM 65 Form Testers  Download Zeiss Rondcom 65
RONDCOM 73 Form Testers  Download

Zeiss Rondcom 73

RONDCOM 76 Form Testers  Download

Zeiss Rondcom 76

RONDCOM Grande Form Testers  Download

Zeiss Rondcom Grande

Recent News

Q-PLUS Labs' Service Spotlight: CT Scanning Services

March 2017: Did you know that Q-PLUS Labs has significant CT Scanning capabilities, specifically tailored to your application? For dimensional inspection, testing, or reverse engineering, our lab has the expertise to accurately measure large or small sized parts and assemblies. We provide high quality CT Scanning data, post processed into the information or results that you need (such as inspection reports or 3D CAD models). We are experienced in tackling projects with parts or assemblies containing many internal features, even those where nondestructive inspection is mandatory in order to gain access for conventional measurement or for other uses such as imaging and failure analysis. Click here to request a quote.

CT Scanning Service

2017 MD&M West

February 2017: Join Q-PLUS Labs at the 2017 MD&M West show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA - February 7-9. Our booth has moved! Find us upstairs in the Precision Tec area. We will be unveiling a never before seen, cutting-edge, mystery measuring machine! We will also have the industry's leading measurement manufacturers featuring state of the art systems, software, and live demonstrations. Click here for Free Admission

MD&M West 2017

Q-PLUS Labs’ Nano Measurement Arsenal Expands with New Laser Confocal System

January 2017: Q-PLUS Labs expands its extensive nano measurement capabilities with the introduction of a new laser confocal microscope for non-contact measurement. Using supremely high accuracy laser scanning, this system is extremely versatile and able to perform color profilometry as well as precise measurements down to .5 nanometers (500 picometers)! The system's speed of data acquisition has an incredibly fast response time and can characterize surfaces for accurate measurement results with high-resolution and low noise on a variety of objects, even almost to the "equator" on difficult to measure spherical shapes! Click here to request a quote.